Aurora Stadium:

 Introduction to Aurora Stadium:

             York Park is a sports ground holding 19,500 people the largest capacity stadium in Tasmania. York Park is monetary known as the University of Tasmania and was conventionally known as Aurora Stadium. In 1873 before becoming Launceston’s arena the area was marshland. The stadium was progressively used for sports, including cricket, bowls, and tennis. The ground was mostly used for Australian rule football by the Northern Tasmanian Football Association. Since 2001 two and five AFL matches have been played. A year between 2003 and 2006 St Kilda football played club played two games.

Aurora stadium

History of Aurora Stadium:

            In July 1901 one member, Alderman Storrer, suggest that Inveresk Park be the new name York Park in tribute to the Duke of York. Noted that “Launceston was well known as a faithful group and did not need to change the park’s name. On 1 January 1921 York Park was officially opened by the St Andrews Caledonian Society. From the NTCA ground to York Park the examiner reported on 4 May 1923. In 1923 the first game shows the northern and southern halves of Tasmania. The ground was damaged due to a flood in 1929. Tasmania defeated Victoria for the first time in 1960. In 1999, York Park has used for local matches. For the redevelopment of York Park, the members of parliament represent the Division of Bass. $2 million was allocated by the government of Tasmania to upright a roof above 6,000 seats. As the result of six-year naming right the ground became known as Aurora Stadium in 2004. In 2006, the government of Tasmania provided $150,000 for new gates. An arson attack destroys the northern part of the ground. Launceston city council provide $7 million for the construction of the northern area of the ground.

Structure and facilities:

 An oval-shaped grassed arena neighboring by many different stands. The capacity of the ground was increased in 2005. The Guns Function Centre and the Corporate Function Centre has two collective box place. The ground’s total seating was 11,700. The parking capacity of the ground is 2500. A Tasmania society allow $50,000 from the Tasmanian society in 2005 helped the Launceston City Council and AFL Tasmania construct a permanent Tasmanian football Hall framed at York Park. In 20009, $23.6 million had been spent re-constructing the stadium.


During an AFL match, the ground’s note attendance is 20,971. In 2009, the capacity of the ground was 20,011. In 1960, the highest crowd was noticed during the match between Hawthorn and St Kilda. The highest noticed attendance for a soccer match is 8,061.

Aurora stadium