Manuka Oval Stadium(Canberra)


Manuka Oval is a sporting ground in Canberra, the Capital of Australia. It is the home ground for Australian Football League. It is situated in Griffith, in the area of suburb known as Manuka. The stadium has a capacity of 13,550 spectators. In the 20th Century, the rea on which ground is located has been used for sports.

 In the summer months, the stadium is used for cricket, and in the winter months, it is used for Australian Rules football. In previous days, the ground was also used for Rugby league and rugby union matches. Manuka stadium is the home ground for the ACT comets for men’s and ACT Meteors for Women’s teams. Since the club entered the AFL in 2012 and AFL women’s in 2017, the Greater Western Sydney Giants have used the oval as a secondary home ground.

History of the Stadium:

The Manuka Stadium was a park known as “Manuka Circle Park”. In 1920, it was known as Manuka Oval. In 1926, the work on Manuka Oval was started to improve the stadium. In the olden days, the ground is used to play rugby league and Australian rule football. In April 1930, the first cricket match was played on the ground. In the tribute of Sir Donald Bradman, the Bradman Pavilion the stadium main stand was constructed. The other two stands were constructed in 1987 and 1992 to bring international cricket teams to play against Prime Minister XI. The 75th Anniversary of Manuka Oval was celebrated in 2004.

From the second half of 2011, the additional seats for the ground had a $4.3million to upgrade the Hawke and Bradman stands’ covering and upgrades to entry facilities. To play at night the floodlights to be played at the ground in 2012. The first day-night match between the West Indies and Prime Minister XI. 

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Sports played at the ground:

On 13 April 1930, the first cricket match was played at the oval was on Eastern Monday. Prime Minister XI was also played at the stadium. The ground organized the first One Day International match between South Africa and Zimbabwe in 1992. The three One Day International matches were played between Bangladesh, Afghanistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Ireland. The ground organized the first Test match in 2013 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Canberra.

 On 28 January 2015, the ground hosted the Big bash League. On 24 January 2018, the first BBL game was held. On the same day, the first WBBL game was organized at the stadium. In February 2019, it was confirmed the Manuka Oval organized its first test match. 

International Information:

  • The first ODI was played between South Africa and Zimbabwe on 10 March 1992.
  • The last ODI was played between New Zealand and Australia on 6 December 2016.
  • The first T20 was played between Pakistan and Australia on 5 November 2019
  • The First WODI was played between Australia and New Zealand on 7 December 1998.
  • The Last WODI was played between Australia and South Africa on 20 November 2019.
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