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Melbourne Cricket Stadium:


Melbourne Cricket Stadium is an Australian sports stadium situated in Yarra Park, Melbourne Victoria. It is also known as “The G”. It is the 11th largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere and it is also the second-largest Cricket ground by capacity. In 1877 and 1971 the MCG arranged the first test and the first One day International. The other matches like International Rules Football, International Rugby matches, and FIFA World Cup. In 2005, The Stadium was included in the Australian National Heritage List. 

Melbourne Cricket Stadium

History of MCS:

In 1839, Burial Hill became its home ground. In October 1846, the Stadium was moved to the south bank of Yarrra. The MCG has experienced many modernization in1853. From Melbourne to Sand ridge the Stadium was in the way of Victoria’s first steam railway line. To prevent overflow an MCC committee selects Richmond Park due to its level.

 For another cricket ground, the Government Paddock gives six acres to Richmond Cricket Club. The state governments’ appointed five new executors in 1906. In 1992, the great Southern Stand was completed, for $150 million at the time of the Cricket World Cup. The Government specifies that the ground was to be used for cricket and cricket only at the time of the land grant. In 2018, during the Grand Final of the AFL, the highest audience was recorded.

Stadium Development:

In 1861, the first public grandstand was a 200-meter long 6000-seat short term structure constructed. During the visit of James Lilywhite’s English Cricket Team MCG hosted the world’s first test match. In 1881, a telephone was established at the Stadium. In 1884, when the Lilywhite tour stand burnt down it was changed by a new stand which seated 450 members and 4500 public. The ground capacity was increased to 9,000 in 1897. After 15 years, the ground capacity increased to 20,000. By Health Department regulations, the stadium’s capacity was increased to 120,000. The MCG was the first Stadium full-color video scoreboard, which replaced the old scoreboard in 1982. 

Appearance records for cricket matches at the MCG:

Australia vs New Zealand 93,01329 March 2015
Australia vs England 91,11226 December 2013
Australia vs West indies 90,80011 February 1961
England vs Pakistan87,18225 March 1992
Melbourne stadium

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