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Perth Stadium is known as Optus Stadium by its naming rights. In Perth, it is a multi-purpose stadium, located in the suburb of Burswood. Its construction was completed in 2017 and was opened on 21 January 2018. The Stadium has a capacity of 60,000 spectators. Making it the third-largest stadium in Australia after the Melbourne Cricket and Stadium Australia the stadium can be extended up to 65,000 seats.

Perth Stadium is used for Australian Rules football and Cricket. Perth Scorchers play their Big Bash League at the ground. AFL teams the Fremantle Football Club and the West Coast Eagles transpose their home matches from Subiaco oval to Perth stadium. Perth Stadium was built by group conduct by Multiplex.

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History of Perth Stadium:

The Government of Western Australia appointed an analysis to notice the future of the ground in Western Australia in 2003. For analysis, a task force was appointed. John Langoulant (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia) was led for analysis. The final report of analysis was released in 2007. The report suggests the construction of 60,000 seats and also a rectangular field such as soccer, rugby union and rugby league. 

In 2008, it was confirmed that Subiaco Oval would be destroyed for the new Perth super-Stadium. In 2014 and 2016 Oval Stadium was destroyed to allow the construction of Perth Stadium. The final stage of the ground was completed in 2016 with a capacity of 60,000 seats.

The stadium has been oval to hold the Australian Rules football and cricket games. For this purpose abjure seats would have reshaped at the ground. This seat capacity is 22,000. With a planned capacity of 60,000 Perth Stadium was the largest sports ground and it was built to increase the capacity up to 70,000 if needed.

Including $800 million on the construction of the stadium itself and $300 million on associated infrastructure, transport, and other costs the Kitchener Park stadium was expected to reach $1.1 billion. In 2009, with the Election of a new state Government under Colin Barnett, the new stadium plan was thrown out.


By the suggestion of Barnett Government to move the site of the stadium to Burswood it would cost around $700 million, with an extra $300 million for public transport. Since the release of the task force report in 2007, the West newspaper reported that to an increase in construction costs the total cost will be $1.5 billion.

For the Perth new Stadium, the Australian Football League agree to help but not disclose how much money they would give. The final cost of the completed stadium was $1.6 billion announced in October 2017. The State Government reported that the full cost of the ground will be $1.8 billion, around $200 million more than previous estimates.


On 11 December 2017, the first match was T20 played between Perth Scorchers and the England Lions. With a free open day for the public, the stadium was officially opened for the public on 21 January 2018.


The facilities of the ground included:

  • Architecture & Ground.
  • Food & Amenities.
  • Transport.

Top Records:

10 August 2019Wallabies def. All BlacksRugby union61,241
23 June 2019Queensland def. New South WalesRugby League59,721
22 September 2018West Coast def. MelbourneAustralian rules football59,608
8 September 2018West Coast def. CollingwoodAustralian rules football59,588
5 September 2019West Coast def. EssendonAustralian rules football59,216
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