In Australia, a stadium uses for sports in Sydney known as Sydney Cricket Ground. This stadium is used for Twenty-20 Cricket, Australian Rules Football, rugby union, One-day international , rugby league football and Association football. This stadium is the home town for  the New South Wales Blues Cricket Team, Sydney Sixers of the Big Bash League and Sydney Swans of Australian Football League. It is also the short term home of the Sydney Roosters of National Rugby League and NSW Waratahs of Super Rugby, during the reconversion of Sydney Football Stadium. It is admitted and set off by Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, who also  put on the responsibility for the Sydney Football Stadium which is already being redeveloped by NSW Government.

  • It is located in Moore Park Sydney, New South Wales.
  • It is established 172 years ago (1848).
  • It has the capacity of 48,601.


First Test

Last Test

First ODI

Last ODI

First T20I

Last T20I

First Women’s Test

Last Women’s Test

First WODI


First WT20I

Last WT20I

17-21 February 1882, Australia VS England.

3-7 January 2020, Australia VS England.

13 January 1979, Australia VS England

27 November, Australia VS India.

9 January 2007, Australia VS England.

3 November 2019, Australia VS Pakistan.

4-8 January 1935, Australia VS England.

19-22 February 1949, Australia VS England.

29 January 2000, Australia VS England.

12 December 2012, Australia VS New Zealand.

15 February 2009, Australia VS New Zealand.

31 January 2016, Australia VS India.

sydney Cricket ground
Sydney Ground


  • Colonel Henry Bloomfield the first Commander of Victoria Barracks is permitted 25 acres of land behind the Barracks known as Paddington, for a Soldiers’ s Cricket Field , Rifle range and garden
  • In 1854, 16 February the first recorded cricket match on Garrison ground is played between the Garrison Club and Royal Victoria Club.
  • In 1875, the NSW Cricket Association is permitted used of the Cricket Ground.
  • In 1878, the first Members  Pavilion is erected the Association Cricket Ground is initiated on October 25th with as first-class cricket match, NSW VS Victoria.
  • In 1878-80, Athletics competitions commence and the Sydney Lawn Tennis Club forms and lays courts on Northern edge of ACG.
  • In 1886, Cricket becomes a popular hobby for women in Colony and two social women matches are played at ACG.
  • The NSW Baseball Association forms and plays their launching match at ACG .
  • In 1888, the first British Rugby team visit Australia and played three matches at the Association Cricket Ground.
  • In 1894, the Association Cricket Ground is relabeled by Sydney Cricket Ground Membership ledgers indicate the change in name of the ground.
  • The ground’s first curator which is Ned Gregory built Mechanical Scoreboard in 1896.
  • In 1905, a new scoreboard was built at the ground.
  • In 1972, in honour of late Philip Sheridan which was the original Trustee and 1st SCG manager relabeled newly built smokers stand.
  • In 1982, SCG purchases first motorized lawn roller.
  • In 1938, SCG is the leading site for British Empire Games.
  • During World War 2, SCG is employed by Australian Military forces in 1941.
  • In 1951, the SCG and SSG are brought under the control of a united trust, the Sydney Cricket and Sports ground Trust.
  • In 1985, the Hill Stand is unlocked on the well known SCG Hill. It is relabeled as the Doug Walters Stand by the strong cheering of fans.
  • In 1992, the SCG hold four matches of the Cricket World Cup. It was the first world cup to entirely accept the revolution of World Series Cricket, such as white balls, black sight screens, full colour uniforms and day-night matches.
  •  From 2005-2009 due to natural disaster, Wave Aid(2005) and Sound Relief (2009) concerts are present at SCG.
  • In 2014, SCG is changed into a baseball diamond for the beginning series of 2014 Major League Baseball on 22 and 23 March.
  • From 2015-2018, the SCG Trust carry on to be World Leaders in Stadium technology, having unsegregated a precinct-wide digital strategy in partnership with Telstra the SCG scoreboard was elongated to 434 in last 2018.


In 1803, Cricket was first played in Sydney’s Hyde Park, Australia. The closure of Albert Ground because the poor condition of Domain . After this, New South Wales Cricket Association started using the Association ground. The first high-class match was inter-colonial game played between New South Wales and Victoria and New South Wales won.

Don Bradman visit the ground in 1920-21 season to view the fifth fest of Australia and England round. In that game, Charlie Macartney scored 170 and win for Australia.

Bradman scored the highest ever high-class innings of 452 at SCG for New South Wales against Queensland in 1928-29.

This record was beaten by Hanif Mohammad who scored 499 run out. It was further beaten by West Indian  Brian Lara who scored 501 in 1994.

In 1886, the first Women’s Club Cricket match was began at SCG, as the Fernleas played the Siroccos.

SCG is the common ground for putting New Year tests, in addition to the traditional final match of the Australia Ashes Series.

On 12 January 2019, Australia won the first ODI against India at SCG by 34 runs,  to record their 6000th win in international cricket.


The SCG has put 1392 top-levels premiership rugby league games more than any other ground. Rugby was first played at the SCG on 22 June 1911, Australia VS New Zealand. Regular Rugby League action go back  to SCG on 16 March 2019 with Sydney Roosters call the SCG home after the Sydney Football Stadium was put down to make way for Sydney Football Stadium(2022) on site.

It was declared in June 2019 that SCG will put at least two NRL Grand Finals from the 2020 season, while stadium Australia undertake an important resettlement.  The ground will host the 2020 and 2021 NRL Grand Finals on October 16 2019, that was officially confirmed by NRL CEO Todd Greenberg announcement.


                      First inter-colonial tennis match was held at Sydney Cricket Ground when Victoria played New South Wales in 1885. Tennis was usually played at SCG in beginning. The 1908 Australian Championships was hosted by SCG.


                   On 6 August 1881, first Australian Rules Football played at SCG between New South Wales and Victoria. Richmond played Collingwood VFL matches were played there in 1979-81, but it was not regular to SCG till 1982, when South Melbourne resettled to Sydney and made SCG its home town.

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